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Get 10% OFF for all Agave Spirits for National Tequila Day!

Celebrate National Tequila Day in style by bagging gorgeously crafted tequila, mezcal, and destilado de agave at a discounted price. 

We LOVE agave spirits – whether it be a classic sipping tequila, a gently smoky mezcal, or a wildcard destilado de agave.

So we thought, what better way to celebrate National Tequila Day than by offering our newsletter subscribers an exclusive discount across all of our agave spirits from small, independent Mexican producers?!

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What is tequila?

Tequila is a distilled spirit from the state of Jalisco and a few other municipalities in Mexico. It is made using the heart (piña) of blue Weber agave that is baked and shredded so that the sweet juice inside can be extracted. The juice is fermented and distilled to produce a delicious, sweetly vegetal, clean, blanco tequila, which can be aged if desired to produce reposado and añejo tequilas. Whilst cheap and poorly made mixto tequilas (using only 51% agave, with other sugar products used to bulk out the liquid) once lined shop shelves and bars across Europe, nowadays, stunning 100% agave products are finding their way over to us.

Want to learn more about Tequila and how it's different from Mezcal? Check out our blog: Tequila vs Mezcal – What's the difference?

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